Tailor-made workshops

New training: "Strengthen your leadership by embodying your own talents"

9 October and 15 November in Geneva

"Where your talents and the needs of the world meet, there is your vocation. - – Aristotle




This program is designed for managers who want to

  • Optimize their professional and personal dynamics,
  • Find more sense,
  • Have more impact,

By a more important alignment of their strengths, values, needs and aspirations.

The objectives of the training

  • Discover and value the personal and singular combination of his specific talents with the creation of his Talents ® characters
  • Clarify areas of excellence
  • Identify your aspirations and values
  • To become aware of the personal and professional needs necessary for its development
  • Consolidate your personal coherence and know how to communicate it
  • Fostering self-confidence and self-awareness

Course and pedagogical means

The training takes place by alternating collective workshops, individual coaches and personal remote work in the following ways:

Workshop 1 (8h)-> Personal work (4h)-> Coaching 12h

Workshop 2 (8h)-> Personal work (4h)-> Coaching 2 2h

The workshops are based on the principles of positive psychology and active listening (of others and of oneself) by integrating interactive exercises and experiments into small groups.

Personal distance work is composed of:   

  • Interviews to be conducted with relatives on the basis of precise questioning,
  • of questionnaires and readings on the Internet,
  • Exercises to deepen the knowledge of oneself and its needs in order to prepare the second workshop.

The coaching is done by Skype or in face according to the possibilities of each.

Workshop Dates:

  • Workshop 1: 9 October 2018    
  • Workshop 2: November 15, 2018

Rate 2018 :

  • Company: 2 ' 000 CHF HT for 2 workshop days and 4 hours of individual coaching
  • Individual: 1 ' 400 CHF HT for 2 workshop days and 4 hours of individual coaching

Stakeholders :

Céline Burki, more than 20 years of experience as a consultant and business manager. Coach Aristotle, she founded Cairn Sàrl in 2016 to accompany executives and management teams in their transformations.

Thierry Perrier, former business manager in the international environment. Trained in coaching in 2014 and the CNV, practitioner Aristotle, he helps leaders and organizations to (re) discover their resources and develop more power.



Past events 

Event on 23 June 2018 in Paris


Discovery Evening «Coaching is revealed »

From 8.30 pm to the coffee Mill – Paris 14th
  • What exactly is coaching? What is this not?
  • Why and what to call a coach?
  • What benefits do you expect?

Come and discover it through an evening that mixes presentation and experiments!

Karine Alléen and Céline Burki, both coaches will welcome you and will guide you for the occasion at the coffee grinder.


Event April 26, 2018 for the House of Economy & Development – Annemasse Agglo in Reigner (Haute-Savoie) 

Workshop "VThe talent and the forces to win your business

Identifying and deploying our forces opens the way to the performance and realization of ourselves. The benefits are an increased level of commitment, performance and well-being at work.

For a leader, to know and to deploy his talents is to gain in authenticity, power and efficiency.

Aligning the meaning of your business with its ambitions, desires and vocation reinforces the relevance and scope of its business.

By making the wager to develop the talents of its employees, the leader tenfold the dynamic of individual and collective accomplishment, thus giving himself all the means to win his business.

What are we talking about when we refer to strengths and talents? What is the point of a leader? Why, for whom and how to value the strengths and talents in the company? This is what I invite you to discover through the presentation of the Aristotle approach.

Event on 24 April 2018 in Paris

Workshop "Value your talents to deploy your potential"

 From 6.30 pm to 9 pm – Alumni HEC

To be able to name its talents and strengths, to detect flow situations in which our energy of pleasure, realization and efficiency is at its maximum in order to begin to build a dynamic of professional achievement.


This seminar builds on the approach of the Talents ® characters created by the Aristotle Institute, a method that revolves around 7 principles: positive appreciation, singularity, energy, creativity, alignment, achievement, responsibility.


2 hours ½ mixing theory and experiential workshops to address the power of self-presentation by the forces, experience flow situations, become aware and name his talents, begin to build a dynamic of accomplishment.

Event on 17 January 2018 in Geneva

Workshop "Preparing to drive and carry out its project"

From 14:00 to 16:30 at Softweb

Whether personal or professional, embarking on a new project is always perilous and can represent a leap into the unknown.

Without preparation and without a roadmap, it is taking the risk of getting lost on the road, of discouraged and finally never arriving at destination.

I propose to prepare your trip using a few tools to plan the steps and anticipate the pitfalls. Through exercises and exchanges, we will create a roadmap of your project, which is also a guide for driving along the route to the destination.


Event on 30 November 2017 in Geneva

Workshop "Discovering Your Strengths"

From 18:30 to 21:30 in CLAFG – Place de la Synagogue 2

Identifying and deploying our forces opens the way to the performance and realization of ourselves. The benefits are an increased level of commitment, performance and well-being at work.

The evening will take place around the following 3 times

  • To be told through experiences of success
  • Recognize the strengths of the other by adopting a "appreciative" posture
  • Connect its strengths and values (which you will have highlighted through an upstream test)


Event on 29 November 2016 in Geneva


"A little outfit please!" or how the image reveals us

From 7pm to 10pm at CLAFG – Place de la Synagogue 2

A split second is the time it takes for my interlocutor to make a picture of me. But does the image I give correspond to the one I would like to give?

In this workshop co-hosted by 3 coaches, each expert on its field: The company, the image and the personal development, you will discover tools to understand and address the following questions:

° What image do I give?
° Where am I with my esteem?
° What are my needs and do they coincide with my desires?


The workshop takes place around 3 strong times:
° A questionnaire and feedback on the image I am planning
° A moment of strengthening self-esteem
° The development of tracks for the evolution of my image according to my needs and my desires.